Brodie Stephens – turning obsession into a career!

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020

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Brodie Stephens had a goal – he wanted to be the first professional dunker to come out of Australia!

Motivated more by dunking than basketball, Brodie stuck with his passion and dream of travelling around the world winning Dunk competitions…

We are pleased to report, Brodie is now well on his way to achieving his goals!

Brodie made his professional debut recently, placing 2nd at the FIBA 3×3 World Tour Hustle Dunk Competition, Utsunomiya Masters. The event was held July 28-29 at the Futaarayama Jinja Shrine in Japan and while he was there, Brodie also conducted a Dunking Clinic.

But that’s not all Brodie is focused on….

22 yr old Brodie also has another goal – and that is to inspire and train others with a career that works in with his dunking obsession. To this end, he enrolled in Fitness Institute’s Certificate III & IV in Fitness as a pathway to becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Focusing solely on Dunking also allows Brodie to have full control of his progression and training as well as avoid the potential injuries that can come with playing competitive basketball.

Aspiring to always hit new Dunks, Brodie is keen to see dunking growing even more as a sport in Australia.

Brodie is not only built for this sport, (he’s 6’3 tall with an impressive vertical leap score), he is also determined, focused and committed – and we have no doubt he will achieve everything he sets his mind too!

See more of Brodie in action:

Training with S & C Coach Philip Sherriff  

At the Dunk Camp

At the FIBA Comp

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Dunkamedics Sick Dunk Mix


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See what a dunking competition looks like with Brodie and Masters Dunk contest winner Jordan Kilganon at The 2018 Prahan Summer Jam.

Footage filmed and edited by Fitness Institute’s Philip Sherriff.

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