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Boost your Strength & Conditioning Skills!

Strangth & Conditioning short course

Written by Kristine Beissner

August 27, 2021


Boost your Training & IT Skills with industry-recognised training!

Fitness Institute’s new Strength and Conditioning short course, combines two recently reviewed and updated units of competency with how to select technology for sport, fitness and recreation, to equip Trainers with a toolbox of cutting-edge programming knowledge and skills around strength and conditioning drills, exercises and activities!

Developed in consultation with industry experts, this powerful cluster of units from the national training package provides the confidence and know-how needed to develop, deliver and evaluate strength and conditioning programs as well as use technology and skills in the analysis of client training techniques!

Take home industry-ready skills you will learn with this course are:

  • Using new technologies specific to the sport, recreation and fitness industry
  • Effective use of social media, visual and software applications
  • How to develop and instruct effective strength & conditioning programs
  • Performing and programming power exercises like Push Press and Power Cleans
  • Harnessing the power of PNF and plyometric techniques
  • Programming and individualising exercises to meet the needs of clients with sports-related goals
  • Next level training and appraisal methods including those for sports-specific, power, agility and speed
  • Analysing training diaries and periodisation in training
  • Functional training techniques and functional movement screens
  • New and innovative exercises, techniques, activities, games and training drills
  • Program plans for individuals and teams
  • Effective coaching and mentoring skills
  • Motivational strategies, methods of reflection and giving constructive feedback

Also: If you are a Fitness Australia member – you’ll earn 15 CEC’s (5 for each unit of competency) on completion of this course.

More information on Fitness Institute’s Strength and Conditioning Short Course is available HERE 
More information on the units of competency included in this short course is available here:


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